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Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions of Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design

§ 1 General
Exclusively the following general terms and conditions (GTCT) are valid for the business relation between Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design (called NBVD in the following) and the customer. NBVD does not appreciate divergent conditions of the customer unless NBVD would have agreed to her validity particularly in writing.

§ 2 Conclusion of the contract and resignation
(1) The performed offers are without engagement and subject to confirmation. The contract exists from the time of the order through our web shop and the acceptance of these GTCT by the customer.

(2) The customer can revoke the contract in writing (also by e-mail) and by return of the product within two weeks. It is pointed out to the fact that NBVD can retain a decrease in value by the taking into use of the case resulted depreciation.

§ 3 Delivery
If not otherwise agreed, the delivery shall be made from stock to the delivery address as stated by the customer. Details on the delivery period are non-committal until in exceptions the delivery date was promised obligingly. The delivery is carried out after in-payment.

§ 4 Prices and dispatch
(1) The prices quoted in the article descriptions are inclusive of the legal value added tax.

(2) Dispatch (inland): We calculate a dispatch cost lump sum plus of:
3,00 euros with an order value to 25 euros.
5,00 euros with an order value to 50 euros.
8,00 euros with an order value to 100 euros.
From an order value of more than 100 euros is valid forwarding expenses freedom.

(3) Dispatch (EU countries): We calculate a dispatch cost lump sum plus of:
6,00 euros with an order value to 20 euros.
10,00 euros with an order value to 50 euros.
14,00 euros with an order value to 100 euros.
18.00 euros with an order value to 150 euros.
From an order value of more than 150 euros is valid forwarding expenses freedom.

(4) Dispatch (Non EU countries): We calculate a dispatch cost lump sum plus of:
8.00 euros with an order value to 20 euros.
15.00 euros with an order value to 50 euros.
25.00 euros with an order value to 100 euros.
30.00 euros with an order value to 150 euros.
Transportation costs liberty is valid from an order more than 150 euros.

§ 5 Payment possibilities
The customer has to pay the purchase price by advanced payment (PayPal or bank transfer). With the online order the customer immediately receives an e-mail confirmation with all necessary dates and an order number. By bank transfer please state order number, first name and surname.
As soon as the total amount to be paid has come into our account, the product is sent to the customer. Enclosed to the delivery the customer receives a written invoice with shown VAT.

§ 6 Investigation and rebuke obligation
(1) With delivery of the product at the agreed place of destination or in case of a collection by the customer at her take-over, the customer is obliged immediately
a) to examine after number of pieces and packaging and make a note of possible complaints to this on the delivery note or the reception communication, and
b) to carry out a quality control at least on a random basis representatively, to open the packing (cartons, foils etc.) and to check the product after outer composition in an adequate scale.

(2) With the objection of any defects the following forms and periods have to be taken into account by the customer:
a) The objection has to be carried out until the expiry of working day which is carried out on the delivery of the product at the place of destination agreed on or her take-over. With the objection of a concealed shortage which in spite of proper first investigation has first stayed undiscovered according to preceding paragraph (1) is valid a deviant period regulation after which the notification has to follow up to the expiry of the working day following the statement, at the latest, however, within two weeks after delivery of the product or their acquisition.
b) The objection in writing, by letter, by telefax or e-mail has to be addressed in detail to NBVD within the aforementioned period.

§ 7 Reservation of proprietary rights
(1) NBVD reserves the property of the delivered goods for itself up to the entire payment. If the buyer does not comply with his contractual duties particularly in the case of the delay in payment, NBVD is entitled to withdraw from the contract and to demand back the delivered object; the customer is obliged to the handing over of the object.

(2) The customer is obliged to inform NBVD immediately at distraints or other interventions of third parties, so that NBVD can exercise his rights at the object.

§ 8 Liability for defects

If there is a defect with the purchased goods, the customer can demand after-fulfillment (removal of defects or substitute delivery). If the after-fulfillment fails, the customer can withdraw from the contract at a not insignificant defect, decrease the selling price or assert compensation.

As far as nothing else follows hereinafter, further claims of the customer, irrespective from which legal arguments, are excluded. NBVD therefore is not liable for damages which have not arisen at the delivered item themselves; NBVD particularly is not liable for escaped profit or for other fortune damages of the customer. As far as the liability is excluded from NBVD or is limited, this is also valid for the personal liability of employees, sales representatives and agents. Preceding restriction of liability is not valid, as far as the damage cause is based on intention or gross negligence or there is an injury to persons. Furthermore she is not valid when the customer asserts claims from §§ 1, 4 product liability laws. Provided that NBVD injures negligently a contract-essential duty, the obligation to pay compensation is restricted to the damage arising typically for property damages. The limitation period is twenty-four months, calculated from date of delivery.

§ 9 Data protection

NBVD takes seriously the protection of your personal dates very much. NBVD records no personal dates of visitors during the use of our internet offer Such data are only collected, processed, stored and used if you transmit an order to us as a user of our sides. NBVD is entitled to collect, to process, to store and to be use of the personal data of the user which are transmitted with the order to make the smooth expiry of the purchase order transaction and the sending of the ordered articles possible. Therefore the data given there are raised, stored and processed in case of an order for the purpose of the account, delivery of the consignment and accountancy. Same is valid for dates which come in the form of inquiries by e-mail with us. NBVD guarantees the confidential treatment of the data.

§ 10 Place of delivery and court stand
Place of delivery and court stand is Potsdam, Germany.

§ 11 Applicable law
This contract shall be subject, governed and interpreted according to the existing law of the Federal Republic of Germany without reference to other laws.

The application of the "United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods" of April 11th, 1980 shall be excluded.

§ 12 Severability clause
If single terms of this contract should be ineffective or impracticable or get ineffective or impracticable after contract end, the effectiveness of the contract remains untouched of this as for the rest. The ineffective or impracticable regulation shall be replaced by that effective and feasible regulation whose effects come most near by the economic target which the contracting parties have followed up with the ineffective or impracticable regulation. The preceding regulations apply correspondingly to the case that the contract proves to be incomplete.

Effective: January 2015