Hamburgs Kreative 2004/05

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Hamburgs Kreative – Das Verzeichnis 2004/05

The first issue of the new annual »Hamburgs Kreative – Das Verzeichnis 2004/05« presents agencies and freelancers from advertising, design, multimedia, photography and illustration on 160 pages.

Michael Barche (KNSK, ADC member) introductory reflects upon the media location Hamburg.

Among others the following names belong to the participants:
AKODO, another one, arriba, artrenaline, Atelier Herr Rogge & Frau Pott, c-drei, elbfeuer, EURO RSCG, Findeglueck, FutureBrand, Christoph Hanser, John Warning,, KNSK, Leiseder Kommunikation Plus, Mädchen jagen Jungs, Orange Cube, .PEPPERZAK., respecD, ROPELIUS, rose pistola, Unterweger und Partner ...

For marketing manager an ideal decision support.
For creatives a networking and job search tool.
For students the suitable medium for orientation.

Title: Hamburgs Kreative – Das Verzeichnis 2004/05
Editor: Norman Beckmann
Publisher: Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design
Content: 160 pages
Format: 240 × 170 mm
Processing: paperback, adhesive binding, embossing on cover
Text: german
ISBN: 978-3-00-014687-9
Price: 19,95 EUR incl. tax, excl. shipping costs

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