Blickfang 2010 (Band 3)

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BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen 2010 (Band 3)

This year the »BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen« yearbook once again presents the status quo of professional photography in Germany.

Following the success of the last editions, the project has been further improved and is now published as a luxurious linen hardback, with a fresh design and a more generous format. The elaborately produced compendium is alphabetically arranged and presents a wide variety of the best photographers Germany has to offer (with various specialities). Their work is presented on 704 pages and is accompanied by a short description. Editorial contributions on the subject of »photography« compliment the various styles and provide an insight of the various opinions and styles of working.

This time the writers are: Mats Cordt (photographer), Ralph Richter (photographer), GABO (photographer), Alexander Gnädinger (photographer) and Kim Bianchi (Head of Art Buying, DDB), whose article describes a normal day for an art buyer.

Also worth reading: the eight interviews with photographers including Michael Schnabel, Esther Haase, Diana Scheunemann and Felix Holzer.

Participating photographers are:
Stephan Abry, Norbert Bäres, Joachim Baldauf, Martin Bauendahl, Tamy Donnerstag, Uwe Düttmann, Gerd George, Antonina Gern, Sven Glage, Tom Grammerstorf, Robert Grischek, Kai-Uwe Gundlach, Esther Haase, Hubertus Hamm, Jackie Hardt, Attila Hartwig, Emir Haveric, Uli Heckmann, Michael Heinsen, Jürgen Herschelmann, Josef Hoelzl, Gregor Hohenberg, Sven Jacobsen, Kajetan Kandler, Firat Kara, Det Kempke, Joscha Kinstner, Martin Klimas, Hans Kollmer, Thomas Kruesselmann, Karel Kuehne, Till Leeser, Gerhard Linnekogel, Oliver Mark, Monica Menez, Joel Micah Miller, Armin Morbach, Peter Rigaud, Maak Roberts, Diana Scheunemann, Kristian Schuller, Piet Truhlar, Ivo von Renner, Per Zennström – just to name a few.

»BLICKFANG« offers orientation and inspiration.
For art buyers, art directors, editors, commercial clients and photography enthusiasts.

Title: BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen 2010 (Band 3)
Editor: Norman Beckmann
Publisher: Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design
Content: 704 Seiten
Format: 250 × 320 mm
Processing: hardcover, thread-stitching, bookmarks, hot foil stampings on cover, banderole
Text: german
ISBN: 978-3-939028-20-8
Price: 44,90 EUR incl. tax, excl. shipping costs

Nomination for Deutscher Fotobuchpreis 2011

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