Blickfang 2011 (Band 4)

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BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen 2011 (Band 4)

The 2011 issue of the photography annual »BLICKFANG« is available now. This time the half linen book presents again the status quo of professional photography in Germany on 726 pages.

In alphabetical order the weighty compendium shows a comprehensive and high-profile selection of the best photographers in Germany (with different priorities).

An editorial part is also placed in this issue. The authors are: Alex Rank (photographer), Ivo von Renner (photographer), Peter Rigaud (photographer) and Annette Scholz (Head of Art Buying, Draftfcb).

Also the eight interviews are worth to read. Here are the interviewees: Straulino, Achim Lippoth, Tina Luther, Frank Meyl, Darius Ramazani and the agents Anja Wiroth and Susanne Bransch and also the freelance art buyer Katja Sluyter.

Participating photographers are:
Manu Agah, Lado Alexi, Camilla Armbrust, Dirk Bader, Hans Christian Barth, Malte Bartjen, Uwe Breitkopf, Breun&Grega, Hans-Jürgen Burkard, Challenge, Tamy Donnerstag, Agnieszka Doroszewicz, Sabine Dürichen, Frauke Fischer, Thorsten Futh, GABO, Gerd George, Robert Grischek, Sonja Gutschera + Leif Henrik Osthoff, Esther Haase, Hubertus Hamm, Iver Hansen, Olaf Hauschulz, Heckl&Mennemann, Olaf Heine, Christof Herdt, Beatrice Heydiri, Heli Hinkel, Peter Hönnemann, Gregor Hohenberg, Andreas Hosch, Reinhard Hunger, Bernd Kammerer, Enno Kapitza, Torsten Klinkow, Norman Konrad, Anatol Kotte, Felix Krüger, Gerhard Linnekogel, Monica Menez, Mierswa+Kluska, Paul Ripke – just to name a few.

»BLICKFANG« offers orientation and inspiration.
For art buyers, art directors, editors, commercial clients and photography enthusiasts.

Title: BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen 2011 (Band 4)
Editor: Norman Beckmann
Publisher: Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design
Content: 726 pages
Format: 250 × 320 mm
Processing: hardcover, half linen, thread-stitching, bookmarks, hot foil stampings on cover, band
Text: german
ISBN: 978-3-939028-26-0
Price: 44,90 EUR 25,00 EUR incl. tax, excl. shipping costs

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