typoversity 2

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How does the current typographical education in Germany look like?
Which teaching concepts are offered in the course of a steadily changing culture?
How do the students handle typography?

»typoversity 2« presents outstanding projects from education and studies with the main emphasis »typography«. Also teachers are given insights: Prof. Alexander Branczyk, Prof. James Craig, Prof. Petra Eisele, Florian Hardwig, Atli Hilmarsson, Prof. Eike König, Prof. Sascha Lobe, Prof. Victor Malsy, Prof. Annette E. Stahmer, Prof. Andrea Tinnes and Prof. Ulysses Voelker are talking about their teaching concepts and how they try to motivate their students and fill them with enthusiasm for studying typography.

»typoversity 2« thematizes the dichotomy of education and tuition and discusses the role of typography for the work as a designer and her social relevance. »typoversity 2« is focused on quality of typographical bases and delight in experimentation.

About the authors:
Patrick Marc Sommer lives and works as designer in Berlin. His main emphases are in the fields of print media: corporate publishing, book & magazine design and production. Besides he is a co-editor of the Design made in Germany magazine.

Andrea Schmidt lives and works as a typograher and designer in Berlin. Among others she taught typography at the FH Potsdam, the Universität der Künste Berlin and the China Academy of Art Hangzhou. She is co-editor in the publishing house J. Frank | Berlin, that devotes itself to intercultural literature and illustration projects.

Title: typoversity 2
Authors: Patrick Marc Sommer, Andrea Schmidt
Publisher: Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design
Content: 240 pages
Format: 210 × 240 mm
Processing: rainbow printing on book jacket, adhesive binding
Text: german
ISBN: 978-3-939028-35-2
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Website: www.typoversity.com

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