Kommunikationsdesign als Marke

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»Designer« – this job title is principally associated with the areas of fashion and product design. The reason why and what you can learn as a designer of a cook, why famous communication designers are rare and which ways lead out of this awkward situation, examines »Kommunikationsdesign als Marke«.

»Kommunikationsdesign als Marke« deals with self marketing and brand development in communication design. After an intensive examination of the origin and the nature of the phenomenon brand, the communication design industry is investigated on her peculiarities and hurdles. Originating from the won theoretical knowledge, a specifically developed cyclical process is presented, which serves as a guide and impulse for brand development in communication design. In following conversations with renowned designers (among others Kurt Weidemann and Stefan Sagmeister) the relationship of brand and communication design is analyzed more nearly using the respective personal careers and positions.

»Kommunikationsdesign als Marke« grants due insights into a complex sector, for which a »healthier« degree of self-expression would be good.

About the author:
Damian Gerbaulet studied communication design at the Hochschule Wismar with Holger Jung (Jung von Matt). As a free art director for Leo Burnett he was jointly responsible for two important advertising budgets in 2010 – among others the Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen ZDF. Damian Gerbaulet leads his own branding studio in Berlin.

Title: Kommunkationsdesign als Marke – Ideen zur Selbstvermarktung
Author: Damian Gerbaulet
Publisher: Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design
Content: 112 pages
Format: 210 × 297 mm
Processing: hardcover, thread-stitching, bookmark, hot foil stampings on cover
Text: german
ISBN: 978-3-939028-23-9
Price: 19,95 EUR incl. tax
Website: www.kam.degerbaulet.com

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